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In Full Swing

So I have started the journey for my doctoral degree. I'm in week 2 of a 5 week qualification course called  DOC/700 "Developing the Doctoral Identity." As long as I make a B or higher, I can move forward. It is a lot of reading and some of the material is really challenging. But everybody keeps telling me that if I made it through a master's degree I can make it through a doctoral degree. I'm happy that I am doing this but it is a lot of work. But I just keep imagining myself at graduation wearing my doctoral regalia. That is what keeps me going.

This is the cap and gown for graduating with a doctorate degree.  I want this in the worst way and I'm gonna get it! !!:


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Off To A Great Start

OK so I got accepted into the Doctoral Program of a university. I'm doing it all online, but the school is an actual "brick and mortar" institution.So before I could decide, I was going back and forth between the PhD and the Ed.D program. The PhD in education is about the philosophy of education and how people learn and cognition and all that and there is a heavier emphasis on research. The Ed.D which is the Doctorate of Education involves putting it all into practice, it's for people who want a more hands-one leadership role.  Which one was right for me? So after doing some research and deliberation I decided to do the Ed.D which is officially called Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership with a Specialization in Curriculum and Instruction. What a mouthful! Up until this point, earning my Master's Degree has been my life's biggest accomplishment, so earning my Doctorate will be astronomical!! I'm scared and excited at the same time. I know it is …

The Sandwich Incident

Ok ,this happend in Bermuda. A woman was in the city, maybe shopping or on her lunch break. Anyway, a bum approaches her and asked her for some money so he can buy something to eat.  She tells him that she  would be happy to buy him something to eat, but will not give him the money (because sometimes they will use the money for drugs or alcohol). So the man is cool with that. She buys him a sandwich and gives it to him, he says thank you and the two go about their separate ways. Five minutes later, she sees the same man at the other end of the street, trying to sell the sandwich!!  She runs up on him, snatches the sandwich away and throws it in the trash!

Is Chris Brown Loosing His Mind?

I was listening to the radio while driving today and they are saying that Chris Brown has gone crazy. It's bad enough that there is the issue of violence toward his now ex-girlfriend, Rhianna, and the restraining order and all that. But now they are saying that he is just out there acting crazy and even dressing crazy. It's really sad, I hope that everything works out and that he gets what help he needs.