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Off To A Great Start

OK so I got accepted into the Doctoral Program of a university. I'm doing it all online, but the school is an actual "brick and mortar" institution.So before I could decide, I was going back and forth between the PhD and the Ed.D program. The PhD in education is about the philosophy of education and how people learn and cognition and all that and there is a heavier emphasis on research. The Ed.D which is the Doctorate of Education involves putting it all into practice, it's for people who want a more hands-one leadership role.  Which one was right for me? So after doing some research and deliberation I decided to do the Ed.D which is officially called Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership with a Specialization in Curriculum and Instruction. What a mouthful! Up until this point, earning my Master's Degree has been my life's biggest accomplishment, so earning my Doctorate will be astronomical!! I'm scared and excited at the same time. I know it is …
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In Full Swing

So I have started the journey for my doctoral degree. I'm in week 2 of a 5 week qualification course called  DOC/700 "Developing the Doctoral Identity." As long as I make a B or higher, I can move forward. It is a lot of reading and some of the material is really challenging. But everybody keeps telling me that if I made it through a master's degree I can make it through a doctoral degree. I'm happy that I am doing this but it is a lot of work. But I just keep imagining myself at graduation wearing my doctoral regalia. That is what keeps me going.

Update on Me

I'm a preschool teacher. Today I had 2 new students join the class. It will take some time for them to get used to the routine and classroom rules, but they are good kids.  There are days when some kids act like little shepherds for the devil.Like when one kid decides to go around punching other children. We talked to his mother about that when she picked him up.  I've learned to take deep breaths and use my redirecting skills to the best of my abilities.  

In other news, I am working on picking an institution to earn my doctorate degree. The university where I earned my master's degree does not have a doctoral program for the area I am interested in. It's all good, I kinda wanted a change because I also got my bachelor's degree from that same university. Plus I am looking for a program where I can do everything online, because in addition to being a teacher I am also an independent beauty consultant. So earning my degree online is really the best choice for me.

Coffee in the City

The sun has long gone down.  Full moon tonight. Summer breeze blowing through the trees in Huntsville, Alabama. I'm sitting on the patio of a Starbucks listening to a mixture of traffic, jazz music, and the chatter of other customers. Reminiscing on the mocha frappuccino I had.  Just chilling in my black and white jumpsuit and my curly afro puff slightly to the side of my head, giving me some extra attitude.  Black teardrop-shaped earrings dangling. I'm in a more upscale area near Crestwood Medical Center. The Rolex store is right next door. The parking lot is full of BMW's, Corvettes, Hummers, and Dodge Challengers. The loud roar of the occasional passing motorcycle sends a chill up my spine. Apparently, my mom used to ride on the back of my dad's motorcycle when they were dating. (It's hard to picture her as a biker chick.) On this summer night, I watch the hustle and bustle of the busy street. Another patron talks to her friend about an incompetent co-worker. It…

My Concerns As a Teacher

I am a school teacher. Preschool to be exact. I'm just getting into it. But I've worked in areas that were relate-able. I used to work in school nutrition for a school system just across the state line. Sometimes I would visit the classrooms and talk to the kids.  That's what lead me to child development.  Being a teacher, you not only help your students learns but you learn many things as well.  One thing that concerns me is what appears to be a lack of imagination and creativity in today's young children. I believe that it is a result of children being given I-pads and electronic devices to play their games and so they aren't exercising their imaginations or being creatively stimulated.  They never take the initiative to go to the art center and draw, when they do it's just a few scribbles here and there. We provide them with a giant container filled with crayons of all colors and they are not inspired to use them and create something, anything.  As a teache…

What are we doing for New Year's Eve?

Ok people. We made it through another Christmas.  Now comes the next question. What are we doing for New Year's Eve? One of my gal pals messaged me about a masquerade party that she is planning to go to. The tickets are $60.00.  I just told her I'll let her know. But the truth is, I really don't feel like spending a whole of money to get in anywhere. You don't need to spend lots of money to have fun. I'm cool to just get with a few friends and chill somewhere. So I talked to my other gal pal and she had not made any plans but was on her way to a house party and would let me know if she heard about anything for New Year's.  I told her flat out that I'm not trying to shell out a lot of money and she agreed. This is my thing: If we go out, I would be fine to go somewhere for free and buy drinks. Or we could pick up a few bottles and go gather at somebody's house. It is not that deep. What matters is having fun. So as of now, I still don't know what I …


I'm in Bermuda, visiting my family for Christmas. I was born in Alabama, but I was raised on the island of Bermuda. My mother is Bermudian and both my parents live here as well as most of my mother's family.  I haven't gone to visit any of my old friends yet. One of the people I go to  see is my best friend from elementary school. We were both book worms and true friends. There was a clique of girls who made fun of us and even tried to cause conflict between us many times. In art class and we loved to sing that song "Freak Like Me" by Adina Howard while we drew our pictures.  We were too young to understand the lyrics at the time, ha ha ha ha!   We also attended the Bermuda College but didn't see each other that much. She would later complete her education in D.C. doing her Olivia Pope thing.  My other gal pal is the friend I became close to during my days attending the Bermuda College. We were together every day.  We often collaborated so we could wear the …